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Info: Deodorants without aluminum

Deodorants and antiperspirants have several uses. whereas the definition of antiperspirant cloggs pores of the skin in the armpits will close them so that sweat is reduced only in small amounts. Many deodorant products using additional materials such as aluminum which is obviously very harmful to our skin. Basically deodorant on 'pure' can’t eliminate perspiration, reduce odor. The effect of eliminating the odor caused by germs and sweat so that there are no manufacturers that produce deodorants without aluminum which can cause skin damage and skin pores.

However, many products named deodorants are often found in the minimarket and widely circulated around us contains elements of aluminum chloride. Maybe a lot of confusion among consumers. On this website, we want to help you to find deodorant without aluminum are rarely found around us.

What are the causes of the use of aluminum?

The use of elements of aluminum salts in deodorants or antiperspirants directly interfere with the Buy Deodorants Without Aluminum Onlinedetoxification process of the human body that can damage our skin. The human body has a few areas to clean the sweat and odor of the body like the armpit. A deodorant product or Antiperspirant, as the name clearly indicates that deodorants function is to prevent the body from excessive perspiration and prevent odor in the armpit.

Furthermore, many consumer who suffered an allergic reaction from aluminum chloride, for example in the form of a skin rash or irritation due deodorants without aluminum rarely found around us. Over the years shows that the use of aluminum can lead to various disorders and diseases are dangerous and deadly as breast cancer and also deodorant containing aluminum also causes Alzheimer's disease.

Will edge so far, there is no scientific studies have shown that aluminum in antiperspirants or deodorants don’t cause cancer. But many consumers are worried and looking alternative.But now you don’t need to worry because there are products ELECTROANTIPESPIRANT that doesn’t have side effects and proven to reduce the sweat number in some parts of the body such as the face, underarms, legs, and other body parts.

Why look for deodorants without aluminum?

Pad essentially human sweat is odorless unless there are bacteria in the armpits. Bacteria carrying element of sweat and release various foul-smelling elements, which cause a bad odor when in a state of sweaty armpits. Deodorants without aluminum can kill this bacteria that cause odor. In recent years more and more consumers react very sensitive to this issue, a wide variety of brands offer deodorant free aluminum and also they mention deodorant is also free of artificial preservatives, perfume or alcohol and still protect effectively to eliminate or minimize the amount of sweat and odor According to a scientific study Beiersdorf 72% of consumers would like deodorants without aluminum that leave stains on the clothes they use.

Especially natural deodorant product manufacturers have developed alternatives. They usually use eg mineral alkali that can neutralize the acid area of ​​sweat thus there was no odor in the armpit. Sometimes they also use Essential oil. In particular, natural deodorant brand or antiperpirants like ELECTRO ANTIPESPIRANT are deodorants without aluminum chloride which can cause skin irritation and damaged skin pores.

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