Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world’s most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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Info Electro Antiperspirant Ingredients

For its outstanding role on eliminating excessive sweating, many people may ask what electro antiperspirant ingredients are, especially considering that this device has been developed modernly. That is clearly a rational curiosity to understand. Thus, giving an explanation on what the electro antiperspirant made from and for is undeniably being such a must.


For those who have been throwing a question on what the electro antiperspirant ingredients are, let’s see what it has in its compositions. This device is conducted by iontophoresis method that has been medically acclaimed. It contains special electrodes, ordinary water in containers, and also a very weak electrical current. The function itself meets the demand of common antiperspirant that contains approximately 15-30% of electrodes for people who suffer from excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis.


What can the ingredients of the electro antiperspirant exactly do? In this case, this special device can efficiently affects your sweat glands by the electrical signals it sends. After that, the area you’ve been treated by electro antiperspirant will stop sweating out excessively. What become more astonishing is that the positive results from electro antiperspirant will last for several months even when you only use it for a single application! The usage itself can be performed in your sweaty palms, feet, armpits, head, back, and abdomen as well.

The Benefits of Using Electro Antiperspirant

What make electro antiperspirant seems impressive is not only its claimed benefits, but also other many aspects. First, as the second generation of iontophoresis method, electro antiperspirant has been going through intensive research and development. It’s not only designed to be effective, but also comfortable and most importantly, safe. That effort does pay it cost. Now, electro antiperspirant has been crowned as the world’s safest treatment for excessive sweating. As it affects only the part of your body which is being treated, thus you don’t have to worry lest it messes up your secretion function. Contrary to that fear, you will still sweat in a normal amount for the sake of your health. The power of the therapy itself can be chosen depend on your preference of comfort. Hence, you will attain a satisfying result without having to endure any pains. The second benefit of using electro antiperspirant is its price which is affordable for everyone—and not only for those rich ones only. In this realm, with the cost that is not exceeding €500, you have gotten all the benefits that electro antiperspirant ingredients offer.

Other information: Fin de la transpiration. Garantie de satisfaction et transport gratuit !

Iontophoresis Technology

Electro Antiperspirant Ingredients

Iontophoresis itself has been known in health care and cosmetics for several decades and is used in many kinds of cosmetic procedures. Compared to the past, the Electro Antiperspirant technology was significantly improved. Thanks to this, thousands of customers had a chance to try the perfect long-term effects persisting for several months on a single application! But Electro Antiperspirant is impressive not only by its effectiveness. Years of intensive research have made it the world’s safest solution to excessive sweating. If excessive sweating destroys your life and drains energy, the second generation Electro Antiperspirant is ready to lend you a helping hand.

Iontophoresis is a medically proven method of removing unwanted and excessive sweating. In order to apply it, a special device such as Electro Antiperspirant, is required. Using the device, special electrodes, and containers with ordinary water (everything included), a very weak electrical current (approximately thousandths of an amp) is conducted to affected areas of the body. Together with water particles, iontophoresis affects sweat glands and is capable of completely stopping sweating. With Electro Antiperspirant, the effects of the treatment often persist for several months on a single application! Electro Antiperspirant is not only applicable to the palms and feet, but also to the armpits, head, abdomen, and back.

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