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Tips to Control and Reduce Perspiration

What Makes Sweat up: Of course we want to look clean with no sweat, usually tips to control and reduce perspiration to outsmart sweating using deodorant, it helps us to reduce the levels of perspiration on the our body. Sweating occurs when there is a mixture of water, salt, and other minerals which evaporates from your skin, sweat Because it serves to cool your body, and keep your body temperature allows you to keep your body’s core temperature.

Not only heat alone that cause us to sweat, your diet, health, and emotions also have a role to make Tips to Control and Reduce Perspirationyou sweat, how much you sweat a lot is determined by genetics. The most common places are the armpits, palms, soles of the feet, and forehead because they have the highest density of sweat glands. (Regional armpit is home to bacteria that digest the sweat and produce BO.) How to keep still dry, the following tips to control and reduce perspiration

First, perhaps you have in mind is to choose to use deodorant products. This step is arguably remain as deodorants curb smell, no moisture; antiperspirant-deodorant combo may overcome.But some people choose to avoid products using deodorant let alone that have sensitive skin, because some deodorant use chemical compounds that can damage your skin and can even cause cancer and alzaimher disease, but clinical studies have shown no evidence of the relationship.

You can use deodorant in the part of the body that secrete sweat, maybe you normally use a deodorant in the armpit but deodorant is not only done in the armpit but can be used in other body parts, but you need to be careful to use deodorant in the area of ​​the body that is easily irritated such as the chest region.

Actually not too difficult to reduce the amount of sweat you simply mai regularly and using soap containing refrigerants, to reduce the amount of sweat on your head pretty shampooing regularly. If you sweat a lot, doctors often recommend laser hair removal for your armpits. “I feel that it leads to the production of sweat less and reduce odors as well, because your hair accumulate more bacteria from your skin,” says Mary Lupo, MD, a dermatologist in New Orleans. For people with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, dermatologists offer a solution that is more dramatic, such as antiperspirants prescription-strength, such as Drysol, which contains 25 percent aluminum chloride and also effective on the palms of the hands and feet, or injections of Botox or Dysport, which temporarily disables gland you sweat. For smaller zones, such as the armpits or hands, injections cost about $ 1,000 for the results of the last six months to a year.

Perhaps among the methods and tips to control and reduce perspiration, healing above have a high risk that might make you afraid to use it, but now there is a superior product that is Electro Antiperspirant has been tested clinically reduce the amount of sweat that is in your body such as the head, hands, armpits and feet.Safe used by anyone and easy way of use (User Friendly).

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