Electro Antiperspirant Price

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world's most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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The Electro Antiperspirant Price for Dealing with the Excessive Sweating Problem

The electro antiperspirant price is not really that big deal when you can find the effective solution on treating the problems of hyperhidrosis. The problem which is experienced by so many people will help you on dealing with the problem. That is such the worse problems of the health which might also affect much to the self confidence. There are so many people who are suffering the condition which is totally worse. The condition will be something worse and frustrating. It is such a good idea for you finding the best way on dealing with such the problem. There are so many options which you might find for dealing with the hyperhidrosis. That is something good to know about the device which is really helpful if you are suffering from this problem. The technology gives a bunch of simplicity including for dealing with the problem because we can try having such the treatment of the iontophoresis. That might be such a good idea to try.

When we are talking about the problem of hyperhidrosis and how to deal with such the problem, we have to know the various ways on dealing with that and choose one which might be suitable to your condition so much. That is important because every people have their own character or condition. That is better to have such a good discussion with the physician so that we can simply find which one is suitable the most for our problem. The electro antiperspirant will be such a good idea to try. The electro antiperspirant price is actually not that worse as long as you can use the real effective one for you so that you will get the best result from the device. That offers a bunch of simplicity because you can have the treatment easily anytime and comfortably since it can be done at home when you have such the free time. That would not spend much of your time.

That will be such an effective way to deal with the problem of the hyperhidrosis. For sure, once again it is better for you to discuss about such this treatment to the doctor for ensuring that this treatment will be suitable for your problem. However, overall that can be such a good solution for almost anyone. Still, before you decide to choose this kind of treatment to deal with the problem of the hyperhidrosis, you can simply find a lot of information about the product including about electro antiperspirant price.

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Biggest Advantages of Electro Antiperspirant

Electro Antiperspirant Price

What only rich clients of reputable clinics could afford in the past now Electro Antiperspirant brings into ordinary households. This is the totally new and improved second generation iontophoresis technology that presents an extremely effective and the safest device of this type. Electro Antiperspirant is powered by AA or rechargeable AA batteries, which can ensure operation for a couple of hours. This ensures the device's safety during the contact of electrical energy with the skin. At the same time, the price for which you can perform long-term iontophoresis treatment is thus minimized. After purchasing the device, all you have to do is recharge your batteries and enjoy the feeling of dryness. Electro Antiperspirant is a certified medical device, which was the only one in the world to show efficiency in clinical testing in 100% of patients. As such, it meets the strictest quality and safety requirements placed on similar products. It is approved for use in ordinary households, but also in hospitals and beauty salons. Thanks to Electro Antiperspirant, excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis have become things of the past.

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Electro Antiperspirant Ingredients

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world's most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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Info Electro Antiperspirant Ingredients

For its outstanding role on eliminating excessive sweating, many people may ask what electro antiperspirant ingredients are, especially considering that this device has been developed modernly. That is clearly a rational curiosity to understand. Thus, giving an explanation on what the electro antiperspirant made from and for is undeniably being such a must.


For those who have been throwing a question on what the electro antiperspirant ingredients are, let’s see what it has in its compositions. This device is conducted by iontophoresis method that has been medically acclaimed. It contains special electrodes, ordinary water in containers, and also a very weak electrical current. The function itself meets the demand of common antiperspirant that contains approximately 15-30% of electrodes for people who suffer from excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis.


What can the ingredients of the electro antiperspirant exactly do? In this case, this special device can efficiently affects your sweat glands by the electrical signals it sends. After that, the area you’ve been treated by electro antiperspirant will stop sweating out excessively. What become more astonishing is that the positive results from electro antiperspirant will last for several months even when you only use it for a single application! The usage itself can be performed in your sweaty palms, feet, armpits, head, back, and abdomen as well.

The Benefits of Using Electro Antiperspirant

What make electro antiperspirant seems impressive is not only its claimed benefits, but also other many aspects. First, as the second generation of iontophoresis method, electro antiperspirant has been going through intensive research and development. It’s not only designed to be effective, but also comfortable and most importantly, safe. That effort does pay it cost. Now, electro antiperspirant has been crowned as the world’s safest treatment for excessive sweating. As it affects only the part of your body which is being treated, thus you don’t have to worry lest it messes up your secretion function. Contrary to that fear, you will still sweat in a normal amount for the sake of your health. The power of the therapy itself can be chosen depend on your preference of comfort. Hence, you will attain a satisfying result without having to endure any pains. The second benefit of using electro antiperspirant is its price which is affordable for everyone—and not only for those rich ones only. In this realm, with the cost that is not exceeding €500, you have gotten all the benefits that electro antiperspirant ingredients offer.

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Iontophoresis Technology

Electro Antiperspirant Ingredients

Iontophoresis itself has been known in health care and cosmetics for several decades and is used in many kinds of cosmetic procedures. Compared to the past, the Electro Antiperspirant technology was significantly improved. Thanks to this, thousands of customers had a chance to try the perfect long-term effects persisting for several months on a single application! But Electro Antiperspirant is impressive not only by its effectiveness. Years of intensive research have made it the world's safest solution to excessive sweating. If excessive sweating destroys your life and drains energy, the second generation Electro Antiperspirant is ready to lend you a helping hand.

Iontophoresis is a medically proven method of removing unwanted and excessive sweating. In order to apply it, a special device such as Electro Antiperspirant, is required. Using the device, special electrodes, and containers with ordinary water (everything included), a very weak electrical current (approximately thousandths of an amp) is conducted to affected areas of the body. Together with water particles, iontophoresis affects sweat glands and is capable of completely stopping sweating. With Electro Antiperspirant, the effects of the treatment often persist for several months on a single application! Electro Antiperspirant is not only applicable to the palms and feet, but also to the armpits, head, abdomen, and back.

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Explain Electro Antiperspirant For Hands

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world's most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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Info Electro Antiperspirant for Hands

Electro antiperspirant for hands is coming for those who bear the burden of having sweaty palms. In this sense, having cold sweat dripping like an ice and thus making your hand slippery is pretty infuriating. Besides, it is quite understandable that having excessive sweating in your palms—instead of another part of your body—may give more societal encumbrance for you. Aside that it is virtually visible, it can also make you less confident to shake hand or touch other people.

Where Does It Come From?

Ever wonder what is behind the reason that your hand can constantly soak in cold sweat? This disorder called hyperhidrosis can happen by the trigger of stress and nervousness. In some cases, the slippery sweat will just come to your palm when you are doing a little more hard work than usual. This condition when your hands are soaked with sweat may only last for few seconds or minutes. Yet, it is still bothersome if it happens over and over again. What can frustrate you more is that in most cases, it won’t just go away after you wipe your hands with tissue paper or fabric handkerchief. Thus, to seriously declare a battle against it, what you need is to eliminate it from the its deep root cause.

How Does It Work?

In this realm, electro antiperspirant for hands works by using the device in your palms area. You can do it 40 minutes per a day during your first three weeks of usage. After that, the following treatments depend on the condition of the patient. You can just use it once in 14-40 day or perhaps whenever your hands are getting excessive sweating again. When you use it, the electro antiperspirant will send electric signals to the sweat glands around your hands. Those electric signals will not interfere with the function of the sweat glands affected by the device so that they won’t produce excessive sweat anymore whenever you feel like you’re nervous or distressed. As this device works very specifically on the affected area only, then you don’t need to worry that it can disrupt your whole body’s secretion function. Your health will still very well-maintained even during and after your treatment.

You need to take serious action in order to get rid of sweaty, cold and slippery hands. Thus, you can merely trust the treatment that has been recommended by prominent medical experts and doctor only. That is why; the wisest choice for you will be likely to use electro antiperspirant for hands.

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How to Use Iontophoresis

Explain Electro Antiperspirant For Hands

Explain Electro Antiperspirant For Hands - The second generation Iontophoresis device Electro Antiperspirant is designed as a medical device for safe home and clinical use. As Electro Antiperspirant is powered by rechargeable AA batteries, which can ensure its operation for several hours at a stretch, its use is very cost effective. During the first 7 – 21 days, use the device as specified in the Instructions for Use (3 – 5 times a week). Once sweating subsides, stop the treatment and proceed to the maintenance phase.

During the maintenance phase, use the device only in case sweating starts to return. This takes place very slowly, usually after two more weeks or months. Once you notice sweating returns, perform a single application. This way you can find out your own frequency of the maintenance phase, which is individual for each patient.

Duration and intensity of the treatment differ with each patient. On average, it is necessary to apply Electro Antiperspirant once every 14 – 40 days or even more.

Electro Antiperspirant was designed to achieve maximum power and efficiency. With Electro Antiperspirant, you get a new generation iontophoresis device that can quickly and with a long-term effect remove your excessive sweating. These results cannot be matched by another other device, except for another Electro Antiperspirant. A single use will give you the feeling of dryness for months. This is the second generation of iontophoresis, this is Electro Antiperspirant.

The iontophoresis treatment is not an immediate but rather gradual process. Sweating itself disappears after 7 – 21 days, which is about 4 – 15 treatment procedures. Our customers have found that sweating subsides abruptly, as if out of the blue. This means that sweating does not disappear gradually, i.e. one day you sweat and the next day it's gone. But it is important to correctly perform the initial phase of the treatment.

In the early stages of the treatment, patients usually observe that sweating is not reduced. Some even sweat a little more than before. This is completely normal; you must strictly observe the treatment cycle until sweating has completely disappeared. Patience is the key to a successful iontophoresis therapy. Some people stop sweating after 4 cycles and less than a week of use. On the other hand, for some, treatment may take two, and in exceptional cases, even more weeks. Simply strictly follow the treatment schedule as described in the Instructions for Use and the results will come.

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