Excessive Sweating

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

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Excessive Sweating: Treatment Tips

Sweating excess or better known as hyperhidrosis certainly be a real problem and certainly embarrassing, some people may experience excessive sweating embarrassed to leave the house, but for the modern age there are now several ways dapt in trying to treat excessive sweating is easiest to wear clothes thin and do not use heated clothing (sweaters). But that alone is not enough here are some tips to eliminate excessive sweating

The first step to Treat Sweating Weight: Antiperspirant

The easiest and most people make is using antiperspirant, young enough just by applying deodorant Excessive Sweatingon your armpits, and when the arm antirespirant telipat then this will form a plug to hold perspiration. For mendpatkan also very easy and affordable you can purchase it in a supermarket or shop around your home.

If that does not work, do not hurt your ad beranya to the doctor, and the doctor will prescribe Many antiperspirants are sold in combination with deodorant, that will not stop you from sweating but will help to control the smell of sweat.

Maybe of you think that Antiperspirant only to your armpits. Antiperspirants can also digunakn in the hands or legs and body parts lai ng sweating even can also be used around your head Antiperspirants can not only roll-on form but also in the form of spray, start ari now using antiperspirant, do at night to keep you dry and free of sweat.

The next step: 4 Medical Treatment for Excessive Sweating.

If antiperspirants can not make your hands and feet from sweating too much, your doctor may recommend one of these medical care: Iontophoresis: During this treatment, you sit down with your hands, feet, or both in a shallow tray of water for about 20 to 30 minutes, while a low electric current travels through the water. Some people just need a few treatments a month for maintenance.

1. Botulinum toxin: an alternative treatment option for severe sweating injections of botulinum toxin A (Botox), the same drugs used for wrinkles. FDA approved Botox to treat excessive sweating of the armpits, but some doctors also can use the palms and soles of the feet. 2. Anticholinergic drugs: If you've tried antiperspirants and iontophoresis, and Botox treatments like and they do not work, your doctor may recommend prescription drugs such as anticholinergic drugs.

If all you have been applied but did not bring the maximum results then you need to try electro antiperspirant superior product that can reduce your excessive sweating, safe to use in all parts of the body like the armpits, hands, feet, and head have been tested clinically and without side effects.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Overview

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world's most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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What is Hyperhidrosis Treatment Overview

Have you ever been excessive sweating, and you may be feel I've done anything to address the problem or may have felt “bad mood” with excessive sweating problems. You may have read a lot about how to handle excessive sweating problem but to no avail. We do not intend to replace the advice of medical professionals to provide information to help you solve the problem of excessive sweating. In addition to medical care in the treatment of hyperhidrosis Treatment overview, there are many products on the market to help you manage the symptoms of excessive sweating and daily aktivities that causes excessive sweating. As for medical care, here's a brief overview of treatments to combat excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis Treatment OverviewThe treatment is more often used by people in general like to wear antiperspirants and iontophoresis has helped them to handle excessive sweating. More modern treatments include using injections of botox has begun providing assistance to those who never thought they would find it.

In addition, health care providers and patients conducted experiments for excessive sweating problem and many manufacturers still use aluminum as a deodorant composition, aluminum is a chemical substance which when used will cause your skin rash and irritation. Basically every medication has an impact and side effects. Therefore, the use of drugs is not recommended for long-term solutions but Hyperhidrosis treatment overview definitely have their place when they take care of excessive sweating, when some areas of the body affected, or as a short-term solution for special events.

Many people are like the armpit surgery liposuction surgery did get great results but you have to think about or consider treatment after liposuction surgery and side effects after surgery, this operation causes including medical action then careful consideration before surgery. In modern times this has been developed Operation ETS, although it has been widely advertised to handle excessive sweating in the palms. Before deciding to treatment with the ETS operatio be considered a mature, before surgery ETS usually doctors explain to patients about the side effects and the risk of more severe after surgery.

The views or experiences of each person regarding excessive sweating problem would have been different. So you have to be patient, to explore all of your options, explore a combination of options, adjusting techniques, and work with your doctor to find the best treatment for your personal situation or with hyperhidrosis treatment overview. Keep in mind, too, research is still being conducted and new treatments and new ways to use current treatments, which are being worked on.

If you have problems with excessive sweating, try the advanced and latest products that electro terbuti antiperspirants that can eliminate your excessive sweating in all parts of the body like the armpits, face, hands, and feet. This product also has no side effects have been clinically proven and eliminate your sweat and had to get a secure certificate from a doctor so it can be used every day and is safe for men and women.

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Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive

Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant

The world's most efficient iontophoresis system of the second generation with satisfaction guarantee, free shipping worldwide, and clinically proven efficacy in 100% of patients Electro Antiperspirant - MIN $100 PER ORDER

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Electro antiperspirant sensitive: benefits, application and elements.

Today, antiperspirant and deodorant are not only the solutions for excessive sweat and body odor. High technology developed in medical treatment has generated a device namely electro antiperspirant sensitive. This device is a good solution for those who have excessive sweat Electro Antiperspirant Sensitiveproblem and sensitive to some ingredients on antiperspirant such as aluminum chloride. Although for some patients this device may give some side effects such as dryness, discomfort during treatment and irritation. Iontophoresis uses this device through swallow water. the last side effect can be reduced if you consult that problem with a dermatologist or doctor. He can review the method you have to use it and give you some medicine prescription to help discomfort condition while you are dipping water.


The function of electro antiperspirant sensitive is to block the sweat from glands. Therefore, the stimulation using this device will prevent excessive sweating on your body. The common areas of over sweating are hands, feet and underarms. The device is very applicable for hands and feet. To do so, a dermatologist will provide a container. Then fill it with tap of water. Then your hands or feet will be stimulated with low-voltage current from the device. You can use the device by yourself after you know the proper way to use it. From the explanation of application above, we can conclude that the elements of the device are electrodes, container and low-voltage electrical current.


To get the best result from iontophoresis with electro antiperspirant sensitive, you must know whether your skin is very sensitive ingredient of antiperspirant like aluminum chloride. If so, you can consider buying smaller or compact version, so you do not have to go to medical center or hospital for having iontophoresis treatment. Since the price of that device is much higher than ordinary antiperspirant based on doctors’ prescription. Continuity or consistency is the second factor that will affect the benefits of this device. You need to continue the treatment within several months and three or four times a week.

This device is relatively safe for those who are sensitive to certain chemical substances such as aluminum chloride. However, this is not safe for pregnant women and those who have metal implant in their backbone due to bone breakage. It has the least disadvantages among other solution for excessive sweat problem, but you have to notice several conditions as mentioned before such as pregnancy and metal implant.

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